Used car or new car? What’s best for learning drivers?

You must have hit that age or you are about to, when you’re pumped up about getting a driver’s license. It’s a whole different experience altogether. Maybe that’s why around 1.15 crore people get their driving license every year in India. The thrill to learn driving, be it with your parents or with an instructor, is one to look forward to. However unlike any other learning experience, driving comes with some cautions. Because you’ll have to hit the road and it may not be as smooth as you think. We all start being a rookie driver. No one becomes a pro from the first moment on. So the big question is, should you buy a new car for learning? Or learn on an old car or buy a used car? And unless you have a car already, both of these options must always come to your mind when you think of learning to drive.

You’re not alone. Most of us go through the same dilemma. But you can rest assured. You have these following words educating you to make an informed decision. We won’t let you suffer like most of us did. So let’s look at both options; of buying a used car or a new car, and try to make a decision later.

First things first. You need to be clear on one thing. You’re either learning from a local driving instructor in town, or learning from your parents or siblings. Irrespective of your method of learning you’re still a rookie until say about a year of driving experience. And no matter who teaches you, they can’t deny it either. Driving isn’t as straightforward as learning history. It takes time and it’s a different learning experience. You need practice. So it’s obvious if you are learning to drive you’ll have to practice consistently. Your instructor would also advise you to practice as much as you can before the test.

  1. Buying a brand new car

A brand new car is obviously an expensive affair. For a learning driver it’s even tough to buy a new car. You’ll most likely be duped by the salesperson in showroom. You’ll be charged for services and stuff that you won’t even know exists. But buying a new car comes with its assurance. It most likely will be free from any defects. You won’t have any difficulty obtaining necessary documentation for it. And the price you pay will more or less be what’s right for the new car. However, since you’re still learning, you would have to be extra cautious about your car. And there’s nothing more painful than seeing a big excruciating scratch on your brand new shining car that you bought just yesterday. Hence, buying a brand new car is generally not advisable to rookie drivers as they’re bound to make mistakes. Nobody likes to see the car, they bought with their hard earned money, be damaged because of silly mistakes. And repairing these minor damages isn’t cheap either. Even a minor scratch can cost thousands of bucks and temporarily be stored in garage for that small correction. Which is why the option to buy a used car first arises.

  1. Buying a used car

The biggest reason to buy a used car is that you won’t be as hurt to see your car scratched when you bump your car a vehicle. A used car will have a rustic feel to it and would prepare you for a harsh ride much better than a new car can. Of course these aren’t strong reasons to buy a pre-owned car over a brand new one. But these are the things that actually matters the most to learning drivers. The prime factor for buying a used car is that it can be bought for a very cheap price compared to a new car. Also, it’s very easy to get your hands on one. For every one new car being bought, there are three used cars being sold. So demand and supply is strong, which makes the prices very competitive. The only concern here is with the condition of the used car. Learning drivers fear being handed a poor performing car for huge prices. They often don’t trust the used car dealer and can’t see past their marketing glib. But that’s not much of an issue if you can get an unbiased inspection done from someone you trust. Check My Gaadi is a third party inspection who can give you unbiased and righteous inspection anytime, anywhere. Getting a car inspected from a professional car inspection service can cost you as low as 1000 bucks. You will get a full detailed review of the car with all its hidden problems discovered.

Car inspection service in Delhi


Being a rookie learning driver, you may not be a pro in pulling perfect manoeuvres yet. Which is why it is advised to buy a good used car for an inexpensive price before seeing your brand new car damaged. It’s best for learning drivers to get a used car inspection done and practice with it for a while. Later on you can resell the same car and get a brand new one in either an exchange offer or from a third party buyer. Either way, you will have to practice for your driving test. The more you practice driving, the more confident you will be. All the best!

GST Impact On Used Cars

The government levied GST since 1st July 2017. Since then, there’s been much confusion and little information to consume. Cars have always been at the center of the Indian market. Which is why the market had to be affected by GST too. But not just new cars, used cars are just as much in the business. You can call them used cars, pre-owned cars, second hand cars, etc. Whatever you call it, won’t change its rate of tax to be paid. If buying a used car is on your mind, then you will have some good reactions for GST. Same is the case, if you’re planning to buy brand new cars. Either way consumers must know what they’re being taxed for and exactly how much.

The Good News For Used Car Buyers

At first glance, it seems that 28% GST, as opposed to 5% VAT is a costly affair for used car buyers. But that’s where people are wrong. The 28% GST won’t be collected from a buyer at all. It is for the dealer to be taken care by. Moreover, if you’re buying a used car from an unorganized dealer, then you don’t have to worry about GST at all. In other words, used car trade between individuals won’t attract the GST of 28%. Nor will an individual selling used car to a firm would have to incur GST. Which means if you buy a car from your associates, relatives, friends, or any other individual, then there is no GST to be worried about. These transactions won’t be considered taxable under GST.

However, people are skeptical about buying cars from individuals. Because they lack assurance. Most people are worried they might be duped by these individual traders. Buying used cars from anyone other than showrooms or organized dealers comes with a risk. The risk of car being in a bad condition. Which is why you will need to perform a thorough inspection of the car before buying. But that’s not really a big issue. You can avail services of a third party car inspection service like Check My Gaadi at an affordable price. Then you can buy the car only after getting a complete report on the car’s condition. These inspections done by third party are unbiased and righteous.

Some News For Organized Dealers

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Organized dealers constitute showrooms and other registered dealers who buy and sell used cars. They will have to pay a GST of 28% on every used car they sell. This however isn’t as bad as you may think. Because the GST will be charged against the margin of the cost and not the whole cost itself. So if a dealer has to sell a second-hand car, then the profit margin would decide the amount of GST to be paid. So dealers can either lower their margin to lower GST rates, or increase margin to be taxed more. Anyway, organized sector dealers will also have to perform inspection before buying second-hand cars to sell. They can also avail services of unbiased third party car inspection services like Check My Gaadi. This will increase selling price of the used cars though but won’t hurt the market much.

So you may save a little more money if you bought one from an unorganized sector and get your inspection done by Check My Gaadi. Or you can buy one from an authorized dealer who has to pay GST. Either way you don’t have worry about GST and it’s a good time to own pre-owned cars.


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How will GST affect your plan to buy a new car?

Buying a car has never been a day-to-day mundane task for us. Nor will one ever buy a car without being informed about the prices associated with it. So to help your plan for buying new car, here’s some helpful insight to GST and its impact on car prices. Apart from the manufacturing cost, there are some more amounts that get appended to the price tag in showrooms. Which is why car prices are always a topic of discussion. Recently, with ‘One nation, one tax’ implementation, otherwise known as GST (Goods and Services Tax), the car market has experienced quite an interesting spin. Here we will explore how buying a brand new car was before and after the arrival of GST.

GST has affected car prices, but for good.

Before getting into GST

Let’s get to know the pre-GST scenario of the automobile market. A dealer, before handing you over a car would have to pay some additional amount, thanks to our taxation laws. Every car had its own tax slab. Based on their engine capacities they would be taxed differently. After a mix of excise, auto cess, VAT, road tax and motor vehicle tax, the total tax on these cars would lie between 28-45%. Which was quite a costly affair.

GST to save the day

With the advent of GST, the cost of cars have been abated due to subsuming of the above mentioned taxes. GST will be levied depending on the category of the car, differentiated by its engine capacity fuel type and few other factors. For small sized family cars, the GST levied is less compared to other luxury and hybrid cars. Small cars are attracting a GST rate of 28% with a cess of 1%. Whereas, other luxury cars like SUVs would be facing a cess of 15% along with the same GST rate of 28%.




Despite being somewhat partial to the luxury car industry, GST regime has helped in reducing the cost of a lot of other best-selling cars. The tax difference is of up to 17%, and in favour of GST. Thus we can expect a decent growth in the industry in coming months. Which begs just one question, have you booked your brand new car yet? Or are you inclined towards buying a pre-owned car in times of GST? Because GST has its impact on that industry as well and it’s good news for you.

Sources: The Economic Times, clearTax, AutoNDTV.

Points To Keep In Mind For Used Car Inspection Services

If your dream car seems a little beyond your budget, you can get it for nearly half the price that a original car would require if you chose to purchase it second-hand. Although this option seems convenient to many, others tend to shy away from it. Buying a used vehicle has its own risks involved. Many people have had very unpleasant experiences with them.

Used Car Inspection Services

This is due to the fact that the general population does not have a profound knowledge of the technical aspects of motor vehicles. Usually people just check the vehicle’s exterior for evidence of any past accidents, then hop on it for a test ride. Finding nothing out of place, they proceed to buy the vehicle and go home with a big smile on their face.” Money well spent!”. This joy often doesn’t last long as the vehicle starts giving them problems very quickly. And then they crib.

It’s not fair to expect a professional to study Automation Engineering or a get a crash course in Car Mechanics before buying a new vehicle. That’s why used car inspection services are indispensable to such customers. For just a small fee, you get every aspect of the car you intend to buy thoroughly analysed by a team of astute and highly experienced technicians, who have analysed countless other vehicles to the satisfaction of their employers. Hence, you are now able to buy your dream car or bike with assurance that you won’t regret your decision in the future, without spending a lot of your well earned money.

Used car- Car inspection tricks


Purchasing an 2nd hand car can be a touch of overwhelming. You need to know you’re getting a protected, all around kept up auto at a decent cost.

Pick a technician you know well, or with an awesome notoriety from individuals you trust. The cost of a fundamental assessment, while not immaterial, can spare you a considerable measure of cash over the long haul. In any case, before you put resources into a technician’s expert sentiment, here are a couple of brisk tips to help you choose if it merits taking to the shop.

1. Paint

Take a gander at the paint for marks, scratches or rust. Feel along edges between boards for any harshness from concealing tape, which would be there from a paint work. Rust ought to be genuinely simple to spot, the length of you set aside the opportunity to explicitly search for it. Likewise, take a gander along the edges of the auto from the front or back to check whether there are any waves in the body of the vehicle. This implies paint work has been done, which you’ll need to get some information about.

2. Belts

Check in the engine to ensure every one of the hoses and belts are in great condition. This implies they have no splits and the radiator hose is not delicate. As indicated by A1 Auto, the most vital (and subsequently most costly) belt to supplant is the planning belt. This belt manages the motor’s valves permitting the motor to work appropriately.

3. Tires

On the off chance that you wind up purchasing an utilised car, the exact opposite thing you’ll need to do is pivot and spend a couple of hundred dollars on new tires. So look at them now.

In the first place, make sure the auto is on level ground. Seeing the auto on a slope or on rough ground will give you a misguided feeling of how the tires sit.

For a brisk check before you take it to the technician, attempt the coin test. Take a coin and place it in a depression of the tire tread on a few distinct spots on the tire. In the event that piece of President Lincoln’s head isn’t generally secured by tire, the tires will require supplanting soon.

Next, ensure every one of the tires coordinate each other. They may all look great independently however in the event that they don’t match, it’s reasonable that they will wear unevenly and should be supplanted rashly.

At last, make sure to check the arrangement. Awful arrangement can without much of a stretch be settled, yet it regards know about while arranging cost. Furthermore, make certain to get the arrangement settled not long after subsequent to obtaining the care since it can bring about uneven wearing, or more troublesome guiding for the driver as the auto can draw to the other side. To check this amid a test drive, drive on a two-path street in the left path. The auto may float somewhat to one side, which is adequate, however in the event that it pulls firmly left or right, the arrangement needs consideration.


4. Outline

Try not to purchase an auto with a harmed outline. Repairs from mischances can be effortlessly concealed, however you will need to deliberately investigate front bumpers, jolt heads and inside doorjambs with an electric lamp for suspicious things like welding and scratch marks. Look at the storage compartment and quarter boards for welding, fix boards or fibre glass. Repairs like these can be extremely very much secured, which is the reason you’ll be taking this auto to your technician and not theirs.

5. Lights

Headlights and brake lights clearly need to work appropriately. Be that as it may, keep in mind to check the inside lights. You may not see in the light of the evening, but rather attempting to get in the auto during the evening and discovering those lights don’t work will be an unwelcome shock.

6. Motor

On to the tummy of the monster! The motor should be taken a gander at by your technician, yet for a quick look, there are a couple of things to remember.

Review completely for any holes or indications of consumption. With the motor running, take a gander at the transmission dipstick to ensure the transmission is totally filled. The liquid ought to be pink or red. It might be darker in more established models however unquestionably ought not look or smell smoldered.

Inside the Car

7. Odometer

Autos age two ways: time and mileage. An old auto with couple of miles or an auto that is just a couple of years old yet has a huge amount of miles are both really old autos. When purchasing an used car, you may need to settle on a decision between these two. In case you’re taking a gander at more seasoned autos to save money on value, your repairman can give you a superior thought of whether you’re making a shrewd venture. On the off chance that the auto appears to be fine today however will nickel and dime you throughout the following couple months or years, the advantage of the lower cost is no longer appropriate. In case you’re choosing the two sorts of old, take a gander at the state of the auto – if the parts appear to be in working request and a trusted repairman closes down, it could be recently the auto for you.

8. Inside

While you may not get any say in the style of the inside, do ensure that it is in great condition. Check the wear of the seats and the floors. Ensure there aren’t stains and that the past proprietor or merchant has set aside the opportunity to clean the auto as it ought to be before you take possession. Check the storage compartment painstakingly for any signs or wear, breaks or rust.


9. Aerating and cooling

Indeed, even exposed to the harsh elements of winter, turn reporting in real time molding framework for a little time to ensure it’s functioning admirably. In the event that you unquestionably require AC, run with an auto with R134 coolant. It will likely be a 1993 or more up to date demonstrate and will have a sticker on the AC condenser saying as much. This is a more eco-accommodating refrigerant that may last longer than a few choices. Lamentably, in all actuality all AC frameworks can release somewhat after some time, more often than not because of debased gaskets or o-rings. Appropriate investigation of the channels, hoses and fundamental mechanical parts is recommended.

10. Brakes

When you’re test-driving at a higher speed (30 mph or more) press sufficiently hard on your brakes to test them. Try not to pummel sufficiently hard to slip or cause a mishap, yet to ensure in a crisis they will be dependable. It’s best to do this in an unfilled parking garage.

A trustworthy, safe auto is an essential speculation. Keep in mind, a great many people and merchants are quite recently attempting to offer an auto, not pull one over on you. Be that as it may, it’s vital to do your due ingenuity. We need you ensured and to feel sure as you examine the auto. Make sure take the auto and your worries to a trusted workman before you fork over any money. Good fortunes in your pursuit!


How to check a car before purchasing it.



Do some research!

To lessen the danger of buying an inconvenience inclined vehicle, distinguish models with a decent dependability record before you start shopping. Customer Reports’ yearly supporter study gives elite certifiable dependability data that can help you contract your determinations. See our rundown of the best and most exceedingly bad utilized autos. Likewise read the dependability history outlines that go with the vast majority of the auto display pages to get a more definite view at how particular vehicles have held up stuck in an unfortunate situation territories, and in addition generally. On the off chance that the auto you’re occupied with is known to have certain inconvenience spots, you know to give careful consideration to those parts amid examination.

Check the window sticker

Typically joined to a window, it must contain certain data, including whether the vehicle is being sold “as seems to be” or with a guarantee, and what rate of repair expenses (assuming any) the merchant is committed to pay.

On the off chance that a deal is assigned “as seems to be,” it implies that the merchant makes no assurances with regards to the state of the vehicle, so any issues that emerge after you have made the buy will be your duty. Many states don’t permit as-is deals on vehicles offering for more than a specific cost.


Regardless of whom you purchase from, dependably investigate the vehicle altogether and, if conceivable, take it to a workman for an entire review. Dress in old garments and give the auto a decent going-over. You can take in an extraordinary arrangement just by utilizing your eyes, ears, and nose.

Bring a companion for offer assistance. Do your review with no attempt at being subtle on a dry day as floodlighted parts can make autos look sparkly and conceal body deserts. The auto ought to be stopped on a level surface and shouldn’t have been driven for 60 minutes before your review.

Outer body of the car

Body condition. Check every body board and the rooftop, searching for scratches, marks, and rust. Inspect the lines of the bumpers and entryways. Misaligned boards or expansive holes can demonstrate either messy get together at the processing plant or trashy repair. The paint shading and complete ought to be the same on each body board.

In the event that you think a gouge may have been fixed with body filler, put a little mag­net on it; it won’t adhere to a zone with body filler. In the event that different parts of the auto have been repainted, there might be paint sticking to the elastic seals around the hood and trunk top.

Minor corrective defects and light scratches are no reason for concern, yet rust is. Check the external body for rankled paint or rust. Additionally assess the wheel wells, the rocker boards underneath the entryways, and the entryway bottoms. Bring a spotlight for glimpsed inside the wheel wells for rust.

Open and close every entryway, the hood, and the storage compartment. Tenderly lift and let go of every entryway, partic­ularly the driver’s entryway. In the event that it appears to be free on its pivots, the auto has seen hard or long utilize. Investigate any elastic seal for tearing or spoil.


Take a gander at the vehicle glass to ensure there are no splits or extensive, scarred regions. A little stone chip may not be reason for caution, however you ought to bring it up as a bartering point in nego­tiations. Be that as it may, breaks in the windshield will compound and prompt to an expensive repair.

Suspension. Stroll around the auto to check whether it’s standing level. Skip every corner here and there. On the off chance that the safeguards are fit as a fiddle, the auto ought to bounce back just once; it shouldn’t keep climbing and down. Snatch the highest point of every front tire and pull it forward and backward. In the event that you feel play in it or hear a thumping or ticking sound, the wheel course or suspension joints might be shot.

Light and focal points

Have a specialist affirm that all lights are working. Ensure every single light focal point and reflectors are in place and not broke, misted with dampness, or missing.


You can tell a considerable measure from the tires. An auto with not as much as, say, 20,000 miles on the odometer ought to most likely still have its unique tires. Be careful about a low-mileage auto with new tires; the vehicle’s odometer may have been moved back. Likewise watch that each of the four tires are the same. Any unique tires may demonstrate that they have been supplanted.

Tread wear ought to be even over the width of the tread and the same on the left and right sides of the auto. Inquire as to whether the tires have been routinely turned. If not, the wear is generally more serious on the drive wheels.

Forceful drivers tend to put overwhelming wear on the outside shoulder of the front tires, at the edge of the sidewall. Expect that the auto has been driven hard if that range demonstrates heavier wear.

Inspect the sidewalls for scraping, splits, or lumps, and look on the edge of every edge for marks or breaks. Also, make sure to watch that the extra is fit as a fiddle and that the best possible jack and haul torque are available.

Well.. not forgetting the insides

It’s within an auto that may matter most since that is the place you’ll be investing the most energy.

See how the smell of the interiors is

When you first open the auto entryway, sniff the inside. A smelly, rotten, or mildewy smell could demonstrate water spills. Evacuate the floor tangles and check for wet spots on the cover. A harsh odor may show that the auto was utilized by a smoker. Check the lighter and ashtray for evi­dence. A few smells, for example, form or smoke, can be difficult to dispose of. On the off chance that you don’t care for what you notice, discover another auto.


Experiment with every one of the seats despite the fact that you may not plan to sit in the back. Upholstery shouldn’t be tore or seriously worn, especially in an auto with low mileage. Attempt all the seat changes in accordance with ensure they work appropriately and that you can locate a decent driving position.


The elastic on the brake, grasp, and gas pedals gives a sign of utilization. An auto with low miles shouldn’t demonstrate much wear. Pedal elastic that is worn through in spots—or fresh out of the box new—shows that the auto has been driven a considerable measure.

Instruments and controls.

Turn the start switch, however without beginning the en­gine. All the notice lights—including the “Check motor” light—ought to enlighten for a few moments and go off when you begin the motor. Note if the motor is difficult to begin when chilly and on the off chance that it lingers easily. At that point experiment with each switch, catch, and lever.

With the motor running, turn on the warmer maxing out to perceive how hot it gets, and how rapidly. Switch reporting in real time molding and ensure it rapidly blows frosty.

Sound framework.

Check radio gathering on AM and FM. In the event that there is a CD player, have a go at stacking and shooting a plate. On the off chance that you anticipate utilising a MP3 player or an iPod in the auto, bring that along and try out the association if there is one.


In the engine:

It’s best to make these checks with the motor cool. Take a gander at the general state of the motor cove. See:  If you see oil splattered about or on the asphalt under the motor compartment, there’s a problem. Additionally look for a battery secured with consumption, or wires and hoses hang­ing free.

Hoses and belts.

Press the vari­ous elastic hoses rushing to the radiator, aeration and cooling system, and different parts. The elastic ought to be firm and supple, not shake hard, split, or soft. Feel the drive belts to figure out if they are frayed.


The proprietor’s manual will call attention to where to hope to check every single liquid level. Motor oil ought to be dim chestnut or dark, however not coarse. On the off chance that the oil is nectar hued, it was recently changed. On the off chance that the dipstick has water beads on it or dim or frothy oil, it could demonstrate a broke motor piece or blown head gasket, two major issues.


Some “support free” batteries have an implicit charge marker. A green pointer as a rule means the battery is fit as a fiddle; yellow or dark ordinarily implies it is kicking the bucket or dead. These markers uncover the state of only one cell and may not give a precise perusing on the strength of the entire battery. A low level may imply that the battery has been working too hard. A workman can look at it.

Well, that makes it all. You can now the car. For any issues, log onto: for any kind of assistance.


How to Maintain Your Car

Sure! Everybody loves their new car. What if it stayed forever new? Forever lovely. Forever adorable?

Let’s check out some ways to maintain your new car!



Ensure they are appropriately expanded to the maker’s predefined limit. Tire gages are modest and simple to utilise. Tires ought to be supplanted when tread wear pointers are appearing between the treads. Ask your neighbourhood tire merchant in the event that you are uncertain how to distinguish tread wear markers. Check your tires each other day for weight and consistently for wear or harm. Have them replaced when they get to be distinctly worn past worthy breaking points.

   In the case of something is broken, FIX IT.

$100 repairs will rapidly transform into $1,000+ repairs on the off chance that they aren’t dealt with. For instance, if your auto is overheating, it may very well be a basic coolant release that a little hose clip could settle. In any case, on the off chance that you let it go, your motor could be harmed immensely. Whether you take the necessary steps yourself or have another person do it, complete it.


Ensure that all windows, mirrors and lights are spotless and not broken. Supplant any broken lights or mirrors as quickly as time permits. Have little windshield splits by a windshield repair focus to figure out if the windshield can be repaired or should be override. Check routinely for breaks and harm.

Permit a lot of room when taking after behind different vehicles that could toss objects from the street or free trash from their heaps. Indeed, even a little stone from the back of a rock truck can harm your windshield.

In the beginning, accelerate calmly

At the point when drivers first begin their car, they ought to permit it some an opportunity to go ahead. Specialists say that a car encounters the most every day wear amid the initial 10 to 20 minutes of driving. To keep up their vehicle’s exceptional condition, drivers ought to keep any speeding up at a low or medium level, keeping up rpms of 3,000 or less. Amid exceptionally hot or extremely chilly climate, it is particularly critical not to push the motor by revving it. Hustling the motor specifically subsequent to beginning the auto and before it has an opportunity to warm up can bring about huge wear can will convert into high repair costs later on.

Regular Checks

The last time you had your auto taken into the shop for repairs as a result of a “check motor” light, did you take a gander at your bill? All carports charge hugely just to attach your motor to a PC and have it release a report.

Here’s a superior thought, drive to CheckMyGaadi and they will readily do it for a negligible amount. This will help you make sense of  You can then be sure that you aren’t being exploited.

Our Services

inspection1CheckMyGaadi’ enables to solve the uncertainties of buying a Pre owned car in no time. The team enrolls the best technicians in the field to serve you in the finest way possible. We have 5 different car segments and similarly have different Technicians trained for each car segment, which are Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, Luxury and Ultra Luxury. So let it be any car of your choice, be rest assured that your decision will thrue with the best possible options available. We Inspect every car in all the best way possible to give you a detailed information about the car, you planning to owned.


cropped-cht-slider-highlander.jpgThe most methodical, time saving and a skilled firm as CheckMyGaadi’ is, it has won an appreciation from a number of users. A series of steps are followed  to certify full proof check up of the vehicles. The professionals put in every bit of their efforts to make sure you get the most excellent drive every time you are harnessed to the seat.